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YUI Library Examples: ImageCropper Control: Real Time Crop Feedback

ImageCropper Control: Real Time Crop Feedback

This example shows how to use a few of the built in events to real time crop feedback.

  • Height: (91)
  • Width: (150)
  • Top: (20)
  • Left: (20)

Setting up the Image Cropper

The ImageCropper Control will only work when applied to an image. So we place an image on the page and give it an id.

Creating the ImageCropper instance

Next we call the ImageCropper constructor on the image.

Hooking into the ImageCroppers Events

Next we listen for the moveEvent and react to the changes. By calling the getCropCoords method, we will be returned an object like this:

Using this information, we can use DOM to update the results with the proper information.

YUI Logger Output:

Note: Logging and debugging is currently turned off for this example.

Reload with logging
and debugging enabled.

More ImageCropper Control Resources:

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