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YUI Library Examples: DataTable Control: Row Expansion

DataTable Control: Row Expansion

A demonstration of the DataTable's row expansion feature to display a list of "Interestingness" from Flickr. When the table first loads, it displays a list of image titles. When a row is expanded the photo is displayed in the expansion area along with a link to the Flickr user's photostream. A simple string-based template is used to format the row expansion area.

This example is designed to assume that expanded rows will be wiped out and restored when the DataTable paginates or sorts, which is why we keep track of expanded rows and automatically restore them after each rendering of the DataTable. Anytime the restoreExpandedRows method is called and the state shows a row is open, its expansion will be re-created.

Custom CSS for this Example

DataTable RowExpansion extension code:

Also available here.

JavaScript to run this example

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