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YUI 2: Container


The following information highlights some minor changes introduced in 2.6.0, for users upgrading from a prior release. For most users upgrading to 2.6.0, there should be no special action required.

  • IE & Sam Skin 1px Rounded Corners

    1px rounded corners added in 2.3.0 for Sam Skin, are no longer rendered for IE6 or IE7.

    Introducing "layout" and relative positioning to the header, body and footer elements to achieve the 1px rounded corners for Sam Skin had functional side effects in IE, such as the inability of auto-width containers to shrink wrap, and the creation of unwanted stacking contexts for header, body and footer elements. On re-evaluation, these functional side effects were not deemed to be worth the cost to display 1px rounded corners and hence support was removed.

    Users who wish to re-establish 1px rounded corners for IE 6 and 7 can add the CSS provided in the following example to re-enable them: Re-enabling 1px rounded corners in IE.

  • Auto-Fill Height

    In versions prior to 2.6.0, setting the height configuration property on the container had no impact on the child header, body or footer elements. As a result, these child elements were sized based on their content resulting in the container being potentially shorter or taller than the sum of it's child header, body and footer elements.

    2.6.0 adds an autofillheight configuration property to Overlay, which is set to "body" by default. This property will result in the container's body element being sized to fill out any remaining space in the container when the height configuration property is set.

    The feature can be disabled by setting the autofillheight configuration property to false or null.

  • Close Button

    In order to provide a focusable target across the A-Grade browsers, 2.6.0 changes the rendering for Panel's close button from a span to an anchor (<A>). CSS and class names applied to the element are unchanged, so unless you're specifically looking for the element type in code or CSS customizations, the change should be transparent.

See the Release Notes for detailed information about this change

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