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YUI Library Examples: Slider Control: Horizontal Slider with two thumbs

Slider Control: Horizontal Slider with two thumbs

This example demonstrates a simple horizontal dual-thumb Slider implementation. Some characteristics to note include the following:

  • The thumbs are set on a slide bar with a 200 pixel range.
  • A minimum distance is provided, preventing the thumbs from coming within 10 pixels of each other.
  • Initial min and max values are supplied as 100 and 130 respectively.
  • Clicking on the background will animate the nearest thumb.
  • Min and Max value offsets are calculated from the center of the thumbs and must be accounted for conversion calculations.

Raw values:

Converted values:

Building a dual thumb Slider

You supply your own markup for the slider. Keep in mind the following points about markup for YUI Dual Thumb Slider Control implementations:

  • The thumb elements should be children of the slider background.
  • We use <img> elements rather than a CSS background for the thumbs to get around a performance bottleneck when animating thumb positions in IE.
  • Don't apply a CSS border to the slider background.
  • We use the Sam skin and thumb images left-thumb.png and right-thumb.png.



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