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Class YAHOO.util.AssertionError - extends Error

Known Subclasses:
YAHOO.util.ShouldFail YAHOO.util.ShouldError YAHOO.util.ComparisonFailure YAHOO.util.UnexpectedError YAHOO.util.UnexpectedValue
AssertionError is thrown whenever an assertion fails. It provides methods to more easily get at error information and also provides a base class from which more specific assertion errors can be derived.


YAHOO.util.AssertionError ( message )
message <String> The message to display when the error occurs.


name - String

The name of the error that occurred.



String getMessage ( )
Returns a fully formatted error for an assertion failure. This should be overridden by all subclasses to provide specific information.
Returns: String
A string describing the error.


String toString ( )
Returns a string representation of the error.
Returns: String
A string representation of the error.


String valueOf ( )
Returns a primitive value version of the error. Same as toString().
Returns: String
A primitive value version of the error.

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