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yuitest  2.5.0

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Class YAHOO.tool.TestCase

Test case containing various tests to run.


YAHOO.tool.TestCase ( template )
template <object> An object containing any number of test methods, other methods, an optional name, and anything else the test case needs.



Void resume ( segment )
Resumes a paused test and runs the given function.
segment <Function> (Optional) The function to run. If omitted, the test automatically passes.
Returns: Void


Void setUp ( )
Function to run before each test is executed.
Returns: Void


Void tearDown ( )
Function to run after each test is executed.
Returns: Void


Void wait ( segment , delay )
Causes the test case to wait a specified amount of time and then continue executing the given code.
segment <Function> (Optional) The function to run after the delay. If omitted, the TestRunner will wait until resume() is called.
delay <int> (Optional) The number of milliseconds to wait before running the function. If omitted, defaults to zero.
Returns: Void

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