YUI recommends YUI3.

YUI 2 has been deprecated since 2011. This site acts as an archive for files and documentation.

This documentation is no longer maintained.

YUI Library Examples: DataTable Control: XY-scrolling, Y-scrolling, and X-scrolling

DataTable Control: XY-scrolling, Y-scrolling, and X-scrolling

Scrolling can be enabled along the x, y, or xy-axes. Call the YAHOO.widget.ScrollingDataTable constructor and pass in width and/and or height string values as configurations. Since scrolling functionality has been moved to the ScrollingDataTable subclass, please note that you cannot start with a YAHOO.widget.DataTable instance and add scrolling to it dynamically at runtime.

Please note that scrolling is currently not supported on Android devices and requires two-finger scroll on iOS.

XY Scrolling

Y Scrolling

X Scrolling

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