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YUI 2 has been deprecated since 2011. This site acts as an archive for files and documentation.

This documentation is no longer maintained.

Yahoo! UI Library

YAHOO Global  2.9.0

Yahoo! UI Library > yahoo > YAHOO_config

static Class YAHOO_config

YAHOO_config is not included as part of the library. Instead it is an object that can be defined by the implementer immediately before including the YUI library. The properties included in this object will be used to configure global properties needed as soon as the library begins to load.


injecting - static boolean

Set to true if the library will be dynamically loaded after window.onload. Defaults to false
Default Value: undefined

listener - static Function

A reference to a function that will be executed every time a YAHOO module is loaded. As parameter, this function will receive the version information for the module. See YAHOO.env.getVersion for the description of the version data structure.
Default Value: undefined

load - static object

Instructs the yuiloader component to dynamically load yui components and their dependencies. See the yuiloader documentation for more information about dynamic loading
Default Value: undefined

locale - static string

Forces the use of the supplied locale where applicable in the library
Default Value: undefined

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