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Yahoo! UI Library

SWF Utility  2.8.2r1

Yahoo! UI Library > swf > YAHOO.widget.SWF

Class YAHOO.widget.SWF - extends YAHOO.util.Element

Creates the SWF instance and keeps the configuration data


YAHOO.widget.SWF ( id , swfURL , p_oAttributes )
id <String|HTMLElement> The id of the element, or the element itself that the SWF will be inserted into. The width and height of the SWF will be set to the width and height of this container element.
swfURL <String> The URL of the SWF to be embedded into the page.
p_oAttributes <Object> (optional) Configuration parameters for the Flash application and values for Flashvars to be passed to the SWF.


_id - String

The DOM id of this instance of the element. Automatically generated.

_instances - private Object

The static collection of all instances of the SWFs on the page.

Properties inherited from YAHOO.util.Element:

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void callSWF ( func , args )
Calls a specific function exposed by the SWF's ExternalInterface.
func <String> the name of the function to call
args <Object> the set of arguments to pass to the function.


private void eventHandler ( swfid , event )
Handles an event coming from within the SWF and delegate it to a specific instance of SWF.
swfid <String> the id of the SWF dispatching the event
event <Object> the event being transmitted.


String toString ( )
Public accessor to the unique name of the SWF instance.
Returns: String
Unique name of the SWF instance.

Configuration attributes inherited from YAHOO.util.Element:

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