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Yahoo! UI Library

TreeView Widget  2.6.0

Yahoo! UI Library > treeview > MenuNode.js (source view)

 * A menu-specific implementation that differs from TextNode in that only 
 * one sibling can be expanded at a time.
 * @namespace YAHOO.widget
 * @class MenuNode
 * @extends YAHOO.widget.TextNode
 * @param oData {object} a string or object containing the data that will
 * be used to render this node.
 * Providing a string is the same as providing an object with a single property named label.
 * All values in the oData will be used to set equally named properties in the node
 * as long as the node does have such properties, they are not undefined, private or functions.
 * All attributes are made available in noderef.data, which
 * can be used to store custom attributes.  TreeView.getNode(s)ByProperty
 * can be used to retrieve a node by one of the attributes.
 * @param oParent {YAHOO.widget.Node} this node's parent node
 * @param expanded {boolean} the initial expanded/collapsed state (deprecated; use oData.expanded) 
 * @constructor
YAHOO.widget.MenuNode = function(oData, oParent, expanded) {

     * Menus usually allow only one branch to be open at a time.
    this.multiExpand = false;


YAHOO.extend(YAHOO.widget.MenuNode, YAHOO.widget.TextNode, {

     * The node type
     * @property _type
     * @private
    * @default "MenuNode"
    _type: "MenuNode"


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