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Class YAHOO.tool.TestReporter

An object capable of sending test results to a server.


YAHOO.tool.TestReporter ( url , format )
url <String> The URL to submit the results to.
format <Function> (Optiona) A function that outputs the results in a specific format. Default is YAHOO.tool.TestFormat.XML.


_fields - private Object

Extra fields to submit with the request.

_form - private HTMLFormElement

The form element used to submit the results.

_iframe - private HTMLIFrameElement

Iframe used as a target for form submission.

format - Function

The formatting function to call when submitting the data.

url - String

The URL to submit the data to.



Void addField ( name , value )
Adds a field to the form that submits the results.
name <String> The name of the field.
value <Variant> The value of the field.
Returns: Void


Void destroy ( )
Cleans up the memory associated with the TestReporter, removing DOM elements that were created.
Returns: Void


Void report ( results )
Sends the report to the server.
results <Object> The results object created by TestRunner.
Returns: Void

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