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Class YAHOO.widget.DS_JSArray - extends YAHOO.widget.DataSource

Implementation of YAHOO.widget.DataSource using a native Javascript array as its live data source.


YAHOO.widget.DS_JSArray ( aData , oConfigs )
aData <String[]> In-memory Javascript array of simple string data.
oConfigs <Object> (optional) Object literal of config params.


data - Array

In-memory Javascript array of strings.



void doQuery ( oCallbackFn , sQuery , oParent )
Queries the live data source defined by data for results. Results are passed back to a callback function.
oCallbackFn <HTMLFunction> Callback function defined by oParent object to which to return results.
sQuery <String> Query string.
oParent <Object> The object instance that has requested data.
Returns: void

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