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yuitest  2.4.1

Yahoo! UI Library > yuitest > YAHOO.tool.TestManager

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static Class YAHOO.tool.TestManager

Runs pages containing test suite definitions.


_curPage - private static String

The URL of the page currently being executed.

_frame - private static Window

The frame used to load and run tests.

_logger - private static YAHOO.tool.TestLogger

The logger used to output results from the various tests.

_pages - private static String[]

Array of pages to load.

_results - private static Object

Aggregated results

_timeoutId - private static int

The timeout ID for the next iteration through the tests.

TEST_MANAGER_BEGIN_EVENT - static final string

Constant for the testmanagerbegin custom event

TEST_MANAGER_COMPLETE_EVENT - static final string

Constant for the testmanagercomplete custom event

TEST_PAGE_BEGIN_EVENT - static final string

Constant for the testpagebegin custom event

TEST_PAGE_COMPLETE_EVENT - static final string

Constant for the testpagecomplete custom event



private static Void _handleTestRunnerComplete ( data )
Handles TestRunner.COMPLETE_EVENT, storing the results and beginning the loop again.
data <Object> Data about the event.
Returns: Void


private static Void _processResults ( )
Processes the results of a test page run, outputting log messages for failed tests.
Returns: Void


private static Void _run ( )
Loads the next test page into the iframe.
Returns: Void


static Void load ( )
Signals that a test page has been loaded. This should be called from within the test page itself to notify the TestManager that it is ready.
Returns: Void


static Void setPages ( pages )
Sets the pages to be loaded.
pages <String[]> An array of URLs to load.
Returns: Void


static Void start ( )
Begins the process of running the tests.
Returns: Void


static Void stop ( )
Stops the execution of tests.
Returns: Void



static testmanagerbegin ( )
Fires when the test manager starts running all test pages


static testmanagercomplete ( obj )
Fires when the test manager finishes running all test pages. External test runners should subscribe to this event in order to get the aggregated test results.
obj < pages_passed: int, pages_failed: int, tests_passed: int tests_failed: int, passed: string[], failed: string[], page_results: {} >


static testpagebegin ( curPage )
Fires when loading a test page
curPage <string> the page being loaded


static testpagecomplete ( obj )
Fires when a test page is complete
obj <page: string, results: object> the name of the page that was loaded, and the test suite results

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