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Yahoo! UI Library

DataTable Widget  2.2.0

Yahoo! UI Library > datatable > ColumnSet

Class ColumnSet - uses YAHOO.util.EventProvider

The ColumnSet class defines and manages a DataTable's Columns, including nested hierarchies and access to individual Column instances.


ColumnSet ( aHeaders )
aHeaders <Object[]> Array of object literals that define header cells.


_nCount - private static number

Internal class variable to index multiple data table instances.

_sName - private String

Unique instance name.

flat - YAHOO.widget.Column[]

Flattened representation of all Columns.
Default Value: []

headers - String[]

ID index of nested parent heirarchies for HEADERS accessibility attribute.
Default Value: []

keys - YAHOO.widget.Column[]

Array of Columns that map one-to-one to a table column.
Default Value: []

tree - YAHOO.widget.Column[]

Top-down tree representation of Column hierarchy.



String toString ( )
Public accessor to the unique name of the ColumnSet instance.
Returns: String
Unique name of the ColumnSet instance.

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