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welcome to yogi 0.1.9!

yogi is here to help!

installation and usage

  1. download and install node.js
  2. run npm -g install yogi
  3. run yogi from inside the yui3 git repo, the yui3-gallery repo or your own source tree (similar to ours). .

help topics

command line arguments

below is a simple list of commands that yogi supports.

-v, --version   show yogi version
        build*  builds your module, duh!
          cdn*  [request|status] submit/view a cdn request
     checkout   <branch> The branch to switch to and sync with
       config*  set/get <value> works with the config
   create <module>*  create a new module in the gallery db
        debug   print debugging info for yogi bug reports
           gh   connect yogi to github, it helps!
      history*  view a modules history log
info <module>*  show module information
init <module>*  init a new module on disk
         lint   lint your files
       loader*  generate loader meta data
        login*  get a login token to do neat things.
       logout   remove tokens from yogi config
         logs*  view a modules cdn log
         mine   show your gallery modules
    precommit*  adds a precommit hook to this project
  pullrequest*  submit a pull request to the yui/yui3 project
        pulls*  manage pull requests, default will list open ones
    search <query>   find gallery modules
        serve*  fire up the yogi server, it's here to help
show <module>   fetches the package.json for <module>
         test*  grover tells you what is wrong
       travis*  check travis builds for yui and your fork on your current branch
       update   convert this module into a yogi module
       whoami   who you have authed as

*help topic contains more options. --detailed for more info.