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Yahoo! UI Library

TreeView Widget  2.9.0

Yahoo! UI Library > treeview > YAHOO.widget.MenuNode

Class YAHOO.widget.MenuNode - extends YAHOO.widget.TextNode

A menu-specific implementation that differs from TextNode in that only one sibling can be expanded at a time.


YAHOO.widget.MenuNode ( oData , oParent , expanded )
oData <object> a string or object containing the data that will be used to render this node. Providing a string is the same as providing an object with a single property named label. All values in the oData will be used to set equally named properties in the node as long as the node does have such properties, they are not undefined, private or functions. All attributes are made available in noderef.data, which can be used to store custom attributes. TreeView.getNode(s)ByProperty can be used to retrieve a node by one of the attributes.
oParent <YAHOO.widget.Node> this node's parent node
expanded <boolean> the initial expanded/collapsed state (deprecated; use oData.expanded)


_type - private object

The node type
Default Value: "MenuNode"

Events inherited from YAHOO.widget.Node:

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