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Yahoo! UI Library

Storage  2.9.0

Yahoo! UI Library > Storage > YAHOO.util.StorageManager

static Class YAHOO.util.StorageManager

The StorageManager class is a singleton that registers DataStorage objects and returns instances of those objects.


LOCATION_LOCAL - static {String}

The storage location - local; data cleared on demand.

LOCATION_SESSION - static {String}

The storage location - session; data cleared at the end of a user's session.



private Function _getClass ( fnClass )
Fetches a storage constructor if it is available, otherwise returns NULL.
fnClass <Function> Required. The storage constructor to test.
Returns: Function
An available storage constructor or NULL.


private void _getStorageEngine ( sLocation , fnClass , oConf )
Fetches the storage engine from the cache, or creates and caches it.
sLocation <String> Required. The location to store.
fnClass <Function> Required. A pointer to the engineType Class.
oConf <Object> Optional. Additional configuration for the data source engine.


private void _getValidLocation ( sLocation )
Ensures that the location is valid before returning it or a default value.
sLocation <String> Required. The location to evaluate.


static void get ( engineType , sLocation , oConf )
Fetches the desired engine type or first available engine type.
engineType <String> Optional. The engine type, see engines.
sLocation <String> Optional. The storage location - LOCATION_SESSION & LOCATION_LOCAL; default is LOCAL.
oConf <Object} Optional. Additional configuration for the getting the storage engine. { engine: {Object} configuration parameters for the desired engine force: {Boolean} force the engineType or fail order: {Array} an array of storage engine names; the desired order to try engines} >


static Boolean register ( engineConstructor )
Registers a engineType Class with the StorageManager singleton; first in is the first out.
engineConstructor <Function> Required. The engine constructor function, see engines.
Returns: Boolean
When successfully registered.

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