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Yahoo! UI Library

Charts Widget  2.8.2r1

Yahoo! UI Library > charts > YAHOO.widget.TimeAxis

Class YAHOO.widget.TimeAxis

A type of axis whose units are measured in time-based values.


YAHOO.widget.TimeAxis ( )


calculateByLabelSize - Boolean

Indicates whether to factor in the size of the labels when calculating a major unit.

majorTimeUnit - String

The time unit used by the majorUnit.

majorUnit - Number

The spacing between major intervals on this axis.

maximum - Number

The maximum value drawn by the axis. If not set explicitly, the axis maximum will be calculated automatically.

minimum - Date

The minimum value drawn by the axis. If not set explicitly, the axis minimum will be calculated automatically.

snapToUnits - Boolean

If true, the labels, ticks, gridlines, and other objects will snap to the nearest major or minor unit. If false, their position will be based on the minimum value.

stackingEnabled - Boolean

Series that are stackable will only stack when this value is set to true.

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