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imageloader  2.5.0

Yahoo! UI Library > imageloader > YAHOO.util.ImageLoader.srcImgObj

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Class YAHOO.util.ImageLoader.srcImgObj - extends YAHOO.util.ImageLoader.imgObj

Source image object. A source image is one whose URL is specified by a src attribute in the DOM element


YAHOO.util.ImageLoader.srcImgObj ( domId , url , width , height )
domId <String> HTML DOM id of the image element
url <String> URL for the image
width <Int> pixel width of the image - defaults to image's natural size
height <Int> pixel height of the image - defaults to image's natural size



private void _applyUrl ( el )
Inserts the image URL into the DOM so that the image is displayed. Sets src
el <Object> HTML DOM element
Returns: void

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