YUI PHP Loader Utility

YUI PHP Loader has been deprecated.

The YUI Library itself no longer uses YUI PHP Loader in favor of client-side module loading by YUI Loader.

Please contact the YUI Community if you are interested becoming an external owner of the YUI PHP Loader project.

The YUI PHP Loader Utility is a server-side utility that allows you to load specific YUI components and their dependencies into your page via PHP. YUI PHP Loader can operate as a holistic solution by loading all of your necessary YUI components, or it can be used to add one or more components to a page on which some YUI content already exists.

phploader requires a webserver with support for PHP 4.3.0+ or PHP 5+.

You can view a snapshot of the archived documentation here.

The source code for YUI PHP Loader is provided under a BSD license.